For the past two years, I had been carrying the pain from a divorce that left me emotionally scarred. I was feeling helpless and lost. I sought guidance from self help books, friends and family. While they did offer healing, I wasn’t able to fully let go of my past. I had heard about the healing
properties of crystals and reiki. When I came across Glenn and his practice, I decided to give it a chance, after reading all the positive reviews.
I did not expect the magnitude of transformation I would experience soon after. Glenn informed me that my chakras were all blocked, especially my
heart and performed a “cord pulling” session where he paid close attention in removing the pain that still lingered. I decided to surrender and placed complete trust in Glenn. During the session, I felt a faint electric current emanating from my heart. After the session, I immediately felt lighter as if a ton of emotional weight was lifted. My head felt clearer and there was a lightness in my step. I honestly felt “happy.” I was smiling and for no particular reason. Glenn also gave me a tarot reading with a hopeful message. His reading of my past, present and future truly resonated with me, informing me that I was in isolation this whole time, my heart being closed off to love but that the future hold promise and that greater things are to come. I just need to trust the Universe. It was as if he was reading me like a book. His intuition is remarkable. The next day I thought that the “lightness” would fade away, but it continued. Even my friends and family noticed a difference in my demeanor. One of my friends even used the word “lighter” to describe my behavior. Glenn is a true healer and I recommend him for anyone seeking solace after having gone through an emotional traumatic life event. He has a gentle and calming approach and takes his time in understanding your needs.

Glenn is a clinically trained,
registered nurse who offers
sincere and professional care.

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