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Tarot reading will help you find answers through intuitive readings as per the cards picked and spread. These can be related to your health, relationships, and major life events. All too often, we spend so much time trying to control our daily lives, we hardly let any air in. Tarot card reading is a tool to enlighten you about choices in front of you, and the outcomes
that each choice may bring, depending on the path you take. It’s all about pattern recognition and surrender.

The reading should help provide you with clarity to make informed decisions. Sometimes, a really good tarot reading will leave you feeling like you heard everything you already know. This could be just what you need. Seeing your story in the cards can help you weave old threads into new meaning. Glenn will help you do that. Of course, sometimes the cards do hit things spot on, even if you just go by the “traditional” meanings, But sometimes, it can even just be a renewed perspective on your current life.

Tarot cards are cleansed and energized before and after each use.

Tarot card reading is not necessarily done to predict the future. We have a free will, and we have the power to change how things turn out, by our actions. Tarot cards can help you see what the likely future will be considering how your life is going right now, if you weren’t to alter your current actions. Ultimately, your actions decide what happens. Keep the focus on the now, and the guidance a tarot session will give you.

Glenn has used other Tarot decks before, however, he exclusively uses the OSHO Zen Tarot deck as he resonates with the cards more compared with other decks he has worked with.

Think deeply about the question you’ll ask. Questions that involve “how” or “what” are very useful. Asking if something’s going to happen is not particularly useful, because either you want to make it happen or not! Instead, ask how to do that. Glenn may ask you many questions on top of your question. The cards have traditional meanings, but it’s also important what their meaning is to you. Sometimes we don’t understand things right away, or sometimes it takes a little while for a meaning to become obvious to us. Glenn works with the OSHO Tarot Deck. It is based on your reading, your
question, and what he believes will work for you. If you have a specific request, let him know and to see if he has a layout that he thinks you’ll enjoy. His favorites for reading for other people are the “Key” and “Relating” layouts.

Read About a Profound Tarot Card Reading Session Glenn Had with a Technology Executive:

I did a reading with a person who worked immediately under the COO of an international social media company. He quit his job the next day after our reading, and missed the cut for not needing to testify in Congress, was able to get a
massive severance package, and now is happy working as VP for another tech giant in the analytics department. We did a “Flight” layout, because he just felt like he needed to spread his wings and fly away from his corporate position, but didn’t feel safe to do so because the money was so lucrative. 

Centering with meditation and crystals is critical prior to a client’s query for clarification on a personal and/or professional level.

Essentially, he wanted clarification and next steps on how to move forward with his professional career in tech. After flipping each card over all he would say, or scream rather is, “Oh my GOD!”, and say “How did the card know exactly what is going on?! I am in analytics and believe in data, but this is CRAZY accurate.” I received a text message the next day stating he left his high-level corporate position, and has never felt so certain about anything in his professional career.

Often, clients will use my multiple modalities to bring further insights and healing to their lives. Tarot card readings integrate well with Reiki and crystal healing.

“For the past two years, I had been carrying the pain from a divorce that left me emotionally scarred. I was feeling helpless and lost. I sought guidance from self help books, friends and family. While they did offer healing, I wasn’t able to fully let go of my past. I had heard about the healing properties of crystals and Reiki. When I came across Glenn and his practice, I decided to give it a chance, after reading all the positive reviews. I did not expect the magnitude of transformation I would experience soon after. Glenn informed me that my chakras were all blocked, especially my heart and
performed a “cord pulling” session where he paid close attention in removing the pain that still lingered. I decided to surrender and placed complete trust in Glenn. During the session, I felt a faint electric current emanating from my heart. After the session, I immediately felt

Feelings of lightness after reading is common.

lighter as if a ton of emotional weight was lifted. My head felt clearer and there was a lightness in my step. I honestly felt “happy.” I was smiling and for no particular reason. Glenn also gave me a tarot reading with a hopeful message. His reading of my past, present and future truly resonated with me, informing me that I was in isolation this whole time, my heart being closed off to love but that the future holds promise and that greater things are to come. I just need to trust the Universe. It was as if he was reading me like a book. His intuition is remarkable. The next day I thought that the “lightness” would fade away, but it continued. Even my friends and family noticed a difference in my demeanor. One of my friends even used the word “lighter” to describe my behavior. Glenn is a true healer and I recommend him for anyone seeking solace after having gone through an emotional traumatic life event. He has a gentle and calming approach and takes his time in understanding your needs.” -LJ R.

Glenn is a clinically trained,
registered nurse who offers
sincere and professional care.

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