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Celebrating and creating unforgettable memories at your bachelorette party amongst your girlfriends with an individualized massage, tarot card reading, Reiki and crystal healing session are things that everyone will remember and cherish!

After two years of our lives being flipped upside down, spending more time with family and friends is more important than ever. The delayed weddings, baby showers, and gatherings have created a backlog, and back pain (no pun intended) to what matters most to us – surrounding ourselves with who we love and value.

Glenn has done various private events from bachelorette and bachelor parties to baby showers, family retreats, corporate retreats and birthday parties, etc.

Glenn’s outgoing personality and ability to pivot to meet the personalities of your attendees set him apart! He offers a variety of personalized services that will make your event memorable for all your guests. Let your guests enjoy the massage that you have signed up for, or, since not everyone feels comfortable getting a massage, Glenn can offer tarot card readings, Reiki, aromatherapy, and/or crystal healing. Respecting everyone’s individual needs of your guests is important to you as a host(ess) and Glenn understands that.


Add massage to your next family event – what better way to show your family that you care than adding massage to the next big birthday party, wedding or get together? Having massage available for guests will definitely get everyone together, and if the wedding or family party has involved a lot of sitting or standing people may be stiff so they will relish a good massage! It will make the party memorable and it’s a way of saying thank you to people for coming. If you think guests won’t want a massage at a fancy wedding, we can provide a hand and/or foot massage! Perfect for hours spent in heels and dancing feet.

Remembering that time well spent with family and friends, food, music, laughter…and relishing the AMAZING massage you had that week!


This is the perfect gift for a stressed and probably sore mom-to-be at her baby shower. By installing a massage station on-site, the queue is likely to be long with all the moms needing a little me-time. Expect the dedicated massage corner or room to be the most
popular place at the baby shower!

Surprising the mom-to-be at her baby shower with a massage is the perfect gift for her and her guests!

“Thank you, Glenn! That was such a special day. My sister was thrilled with the surprise baby shower! All eight girls LOVED having their tarot cards read followed by their awesome massages! It truly made the party that more magical!” – Caitlin P.


Sometimes, all you want to do is book a spa day – but time is precious and you can’t always get away from work, the kids or the house. So why not let the “spa” come to you and book a spa massage party – bringing all the treats of a spa day straight to your home and inviting your friends around to enjoy a fun night in with you?

Gentlemen like their massages, too! Having in-home massages at your bachelor party will allow everyone to relax!

“Decided to gift my friends with a private massage experience for the last day of their joint bachelor party. Could not have chosen a better  professional!” – Barry R.

The beauty of organizing a spa massage party at home is that you get your favorite people in your own home, and you don’t have to go out of the house to get properly pampered.

You can lay out delicious treats and nibbles, get some healthy drinks on the go and relax into a deliciously indulgent evening – you’ll feel amazing afterwards and all your friends will love you for thinking of it and inviting them.

Rather than a beauty themed soiree, a massage party may combine all your favorite touchbased or energy healing therapies, based on what all your guests are looking for. At your massage party Glenn will bring his table, hot towel machine, sheets and linens so you do not have to worry about laundry.

With so many options, there’s no excuse not to add massage to your next event, party, or within the office. Find the option that’s best for you, contact us for a quote. Please note: Glenn would need at least one week advance notice for large groups and extended weekends in the Bay Area.

“Decided to gift my friends with a private massage experience for the last day of their joint bachelor party. Could not have chosen a better professional! Glenn exudes a serene professional demeanor that my friends said echoed in his skill set. The smells, the relaxation, and the depth of their experience were all remarked upon. If you’re looking for a top not professional that delivers a memorable experience, look no further. Glenn is your guy!!” – Barry R.

Your wedding day for you and your partner is a huge step filled with joy and stress. Treat yourselves with an in-home massage with Glenn.

Congratulations! You and your wife will be on this magical road together. Melting the stress away with a nice massage before or even after your big day will be a great way to start this partnership.

Everyone has been working hard at the office and finally some time to hang out. Make your get together special with Glenn’s services.

Staying in Wine Country with friends over the week? Make your stay that more relaxing by booking an in-home session with Glenn.

Friends relaxing on a beach after receiving their massages.

Glenn is a clinically trained,
registered nurse who offers
sincere and professional care.

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