Mike S.

Life renewing.... Suffering from diagnosed severe peripheral neuropathy for more than a decade, I have come to experience chronic unbearable pain, until now. Glenn, possesses a talent combined with knowledge and experience, has enabled me to enjoy near pain-free days. I have been able to be much more active and flexible, enjoying life like never before. I have had many massages in the past 25 years, and was a massage therapist myself until I physically could not. Glenn, also known to me as Magic Hands, is by far one of the best massage professionals I have yet to encounter. I have returned multiple times and shall continue to do so. If able I would rate 10☆I recommend histalents to many of my peers and as well to you!! Thank you Glenn!!! See you next week

Hayden J.

Yes, this guy is Amazing! GLENN GANGANO!! So I have sustained injuries in Nov '18 from an accident where a car hit me walking my bike through the crosswalk, I have chronic pain, in my lower back (sacrum), cervical spine , and both knees, right worse off, and has recently undergone surgery. And a case of carpal tunnel in my right wrist from 16+ years as a Cosmetologist, Whew! Tall order with a couple flat feet to top it off!! There was plenty to fill him in on and not only did he listen to everything I said, he explained to me what was going on and what he'd like to work on with me and what my treatment path would be today and in future visits! He addressed several areas of pain with massage, he also did so Reiki on my Carapal tunnel! *Sigh! This is what I never knew I needed in my life! Hehe he is a Pro and I'm happy to have started my treament path with Glenn, it's the best decision I've made, approaching 2021 with excitement now, THANK YOU GLENN! C'ya Soon!

Despina S.

I can’t say enough good things about Glenn! After having an adverse reaction and suffered chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy I felt hopeless and in constant pain. Unable to walk without the use of my walker Glenn was able to help retrain my nervous system and muscles to walk safely from my bedroom to my bathroom and kitchen. In addition, I also suffer from lipedema and swelling from my condition. He has so many tools he was able to help with my swelling as he provided manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) which helped with my walking. He has changed my life!

Val P.

I selected Glenn based on his prof experience as RN, physical therapy and Reiki skillset. My 87 year old dad, recently strained his back and has been in extreme pain for past 10 days, due to FLJA . My dad was never interested in massages at a spa or otherwise, so Glenn was coming in not knowing how well received he would be. Glen arrived and was so patient, he took the time to walk my dad through the process , he did a complete evaluation to check my dads walking gate, a how he sat, used the temp. walker, and made suggestions on how my dad could better manage his movement to lesson strain to his lumbar area. Then Glenn gave my dad “the treatment” and finished with kinesiology tape support for his back, all the while explaining methods prior to and asking my dad for feedback and if he had questions. My dad felt better and commented how he felt looser, his walk was more steady, and he was even standing up straighter with confidence without the walker. Glenn is amazing and he is patient, gentle and was great to also include my mom, brother and I for feedback and questions throughout the session.

John G

My mother is walking on her own again. He has changed her life. I would recommend Glenn to anyone who has serious back pain that cannot find a cure.

Alexander P.

Extraordinary quality and professionalism. What exquisite products and what an exquisite company. Thank you!

Jalisa K.

My boyfriend and I went on a mini vacation and while we were there I began experiencing really bad pain in my neck and shoulders to the point where I could not move I felt paralyzed. We got a message in Puerto Vallarta but it wasn’t helpful. My boyfriend contacted Glenn and scheduled an appointment with him. Glenn you are sent from heaven. Goddess hands are what you have you have worked every area that I complained about, you have healed me and I feel great!! You took the time out to listen to my needs and you mastered it. I am so grateful that you came to work your magic and take the pain away!! I am able to move around normally, pick my baby up and move my head in ever direction with no pain whatsoever!! Glenn you are amazing!!! P.S. can’t wait to book again!!

Emmylou R.

I had different issues currently going on with me, sciatica pain, lower back, neck & shoulder pain I have been seeking for help for few months now. I tried out Glenn because he’s a nurse that had a long time experience in rehabilitation for stroke victims and had a lot of training in new methods of therapy. Since I had a lot of surgeries in the past in the same abdominal area he massaged my scar tissues which I didn’t know was supposed to be massaged after it’s healed so it won’t create problems with my muscles. He is very informative about the different muscles and how they function. He also does Reiki and hot stones to help your muscles relax and open up. After my massage I felt the pain subside. Glen is very professional he wore his mask the whole time and sanitized his massage table. Was always attentive to my needs and followed up on me the next day. It was very nice of him. He truly loves end spends time with you to get the treatment I needed. Overall I had an excellent experience with Glenn

Reed F.

Ever since childhood, I've always had a very tight lower back and neck, which appear to be the main places I hold physical and emotional tension. Glenn was able to hone in on the specific parts of my back and neck where that tension was held, and use Thai, Swedish, and deep tissue massage techniques to give me a level of relief in these areas that I have never felt before. I am experiencing more range of motion, and a humongous relief of emotional stress that had me yawning more than I ever have, followed by the deep sleep of the ages. See Glenn if that sounds like a good experience to you.

Rick L.

This was a shot in the dark - hiring a massage therapist via thumbtack. But Glenn was fantastic. He asked great questions to know more about the reason of my back issues. He was also very knowledgeable and explained everything he did. The actual back massage therapy was very helpful and I could feel a difference right away. Very punctual, professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Jyotsna V.

Hands down the best massage I have had to treat my scoliosis, in a long time. Glenn was a great listener and communicator. W My husband, who is not really a massage person and has trouble relaxing during one said 'we should get a massage from Glenn every month' Glenn relieved me of my back pain and spasms. Very glad I stumbled across his profile on Thumbtack!

Julie H.

Glenn's total body knowledge helped give my body exactly what I needed. I highly recommend his therapeutic touch!

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