Anthony C.

So I have had issues with my left hip for 4+ years. I happen to also be in the health and wellness industry so I’ve had many strategies to work
through my pain and discomfort on my own. Glenn found some scar tissue in my abs I’ve never had worked on. While the nice hot stones warmed up my abdomen he went to work on my forearms. Quarantine has caused me to use the computer more than ever and I had no idea my forearms needed that much love. The work on my abs was intense and soo worth it. I got up from the table breathing better, walking better and feeling like I had a brand new left leg! Will be returning to continue working out this scar tissue and tension pattern around my hip/abs. Thank you Glenn!!!

William G.

I am really impressed with Glenn and he is probably the best masseur I've ever worked with. I like the way he asks questions before, during and after the session. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable, but at the same time very friendly. I am totally comfortable at all times. I have already booked Glenn for several massages and look forward to more sessions in the future. Thank you Glenn for your expertise and support. Definitely a five star experience.

Lucienne W.

Yo soy enfermera y trabajo muchas horas en posiciones no muy cómodas siempre al servicio del paciente. Hace algun tiempo me lastimé la espalday no podía bajarme facilmente y tenia mucho dolor. Al hacerme un "deep tissue massage" con diferentes tecnicas inovadoras para el dolor, Glenn me ayudó a aliviar el dolor de espalda y me ayudó a eliminar el stress con su "holistic approach". Glenn es muy profesional y conoce bien su trabajo. El lo hace con respecto y conocimientos científicos y esta siempre actualizado. Los resultados de su trabajo han sido increíbles. Lo recomiendo con mucho entusiasmo y confianza! ------------------------------ I am a nurse and i work many hours in difficult positions not always comfortable, but always ready to help my patients. A while ago i hurt my back and i couldn't bend down easily and it was very painful. By utilizing deep tissue massage and other innovative pain control techniques, Glenn helped alleviate my back pain and eliminate the stress with his holistic approach. Glenn is very professional and knows his work very well. He does it with respect, and scientific knowledge and he is always up to date on latest medical developments. The results of his work have been amazing. I recommend him with much enthusiasm and confidence!

Deborah W.

I am so happy I chose Glen to come and do this massage. I am kinda particular when I am looking for professional service of any kind and I must say I am beyond happy about my choice. It felt like his hands we’re talking to my body. I am definitely working him into my budget. Well worth the price and because if his knowledge it’s a great value!

Elle M.

Glenn totally made my day. His combination of techniques was tailored to what I needed perfectly. He combined hot stone with traditional massage and reiki to bring me stress and pain relief. And it was a pleasure talking to him too. Recommend!

Katie G.

Glenn is wonderful! I had a lot of tightness in my pelvic area from pregnancy and labor. It was causing pain in the whole area and even my lower back for the last ten months! I would try to stretch it out, but I couldn't hold the stretch for more than a few seconds before it was painful. Glenn asked me a lot of questions to pinpoint which muscles and ligaments were the culprits. He relaxed me immediately after lying on the table and was very sensitive to the problem spots. Once he found them, they were too sensitive to touch. He did a more holistic approach where he worked on all the areas AROUND the problem spot, THEN the spot was relaxed enough to work on it. After he was finished he asked me to try the stretches that I couldn't do before. I did them! I could have sat in those stretches all day! Plus I had several more inches (inches!) of mobility in all directions. He made me realize my full potential. Very professional COVID precautions! Thank you, Glenn!

Kristen K.

Glenn is a fantastic massage therapist. He took the time to understand specific pain points and was able to address the issue(s) effortlessly. Due to his knowledge in the medical field, I felt confident in his ability to assess my pain. Felt immediate and long term improvement. Highly recommend.

Apolinar L.

I’m an RN myself and the care, attention and assessment was very professional. Highly knowledgeable about the human body. My father was very pleased about the massage. Highly recommended.

Maya C.

Glenn is magic. If that doesn’t address your need, then know that he came to help heal my body pain at his soonest moment. He has all the bells and whistles that you could imagine to put your mind and body at ease and help alleviate your pain. I will be lucky if I can have more massage done by Glenn and my body will be so grateful. Look no further, you’ve found the magic touch.

Janice P.

Excellent! Glenn relieved aim in my shoulders and hip. Definitely recommend this therapy.

Ryan M.

Very knowledgeable about the specific areas I needed help with. Charismatic and passionate the best combo for a great massage!

Beth E.

Glenn is an intuitive and calming presence. Just what I want in a massage session. Excellent work.

Treva M.

This was the best massage I’ve ever had! Glenn listen to my request and did an excellent job!

Michael M.

He knows what he is doing!

Ralonda C.

Glenn was absolutely AMAZING! He made sure I was comfortable from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable & just plain kind. My hot stone massage was absolutely fabulous! 🙂

Mike S.

First masseur that listened Spent entire session working on my leg spasms. Great personality. As an RN he noticed that I was not varying diabetes insulin site enough.

Santiago J.

Glenn was fantastic both in the quality of the massage, his expertise, and his professionalism. Highly recommend.

Fletcher T.

I have had 2 massage sessions with Glenn and I can highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and professional and spent the time to understand my needs and frequently checked in with me during the session that his work was meeting my expectations.

Arthur t.

It was my first time ever getting a professional massage done. I had lower back & neck pain. I was hesitant at first but, Glenn made my first time very comfortable and he explained everything that he was about to do through out the whole process, and made sure i was comfortable with everything he was about to do. Glenn was easy to talk to and personable and made the overall experience amazing! Would definitely recommend Glen to anyone.

John W.

Glenn was great. Really kind, understands the body and super communication. I am really grateful to have him on me team to keep me healthy and going. Thank you Glenn!!!

Manny M.

I had a gym injury on my lower back muscle, I was not able to move. I was hopeless and need desperate help. I reach out to Glenn he responded right away and had availability, his his knowledge he was able to identify what muscles were injured and he worked on them. After the session I feel like a can move more and I am more relaxed about my injury.

Gris C.

This was one of the most helpful massages I've gotten in my life, and before th e pandemic I used to get one every other week. I contacted Glen
because I had a pain so sharp that it didn't let me sleep well. He explained to me how he would work on my troubled area and always checked on how his technique was helping me. By the end of the 90min session, my troubled zone was way better, I went from not being able to move to freedom, I could move around and the pain was way less. I was impressed with his service, professionalism and most importantly his qualifications and how he applies his knowledge.

Michelle P.

I am so thankful for Glenn’s massage. I was going through a really difficult time and he made my day. He was attentive and catered to specific areas
that was bothering me. I had a stiff neck and he was able to loosen the knots on my neck. He was very professional and provided me with many information about the names of muscles he was working on. The work he did was priceless and I will definitely be calling him again!

Marlee-I M.

Glen was absolutely amazing. Professional, punctual, quick to respond, and highly skilled. He exceeded my expectations. The hot stones combined with the deep tissue massage was everything I needed. I 100% recommended his services and will for sure be booking my next massage with Glen.

Matt A.

Glenn is an absolute professional. He communicated during his work to ensure he was targeting problem areas. He brings with him more than most studios provide (hot stones, heater, air filtration). Can’t wait to see him again!

Margaret R.

I couldn’t be happier that Glenn is in my life now! His thoughtfulness and support really got me through acute pain that was hindering sleep and really putting me into a space of desperation. I appreciate how he took time to educate me on the muscles at play and give me steps to strengthen and support myself after massages. I highly recommend!

Zoe F.

I'm so glad to have connected with Glenn He has some much knowledge and many modalities to help me get back to good health. He is professional punctual and a very kind hearted person. This is his calling. I look forward to working with Glenn every week. Namaste

Jim P.

Glenn, Is very professional, asked the appropriate questions and was very professional. He was able to ease the shoulder & pain that I was having.
I’m very happy with the massage

Jennifer N.

One of the best massages I’ve ever had - very attuned to my needs and great atmosphere.

Shirin A.

Glenn was fantastic! Responded so quickly and was available last minute. Great massage!

Leila E.

I’ve been experiencing lower back pain for awhile and also issues with my shoulder. I received a hot stone massage from Glenn and the technique he
used was very helpful and I immediately felt relief. Glenn also was very cautious especially during this time of Covid. He came prepared with a
Hepa filter, wore a mask & and was very professional. I highly recommend him

Deborah K.

Glenn was immediately responsive and communicative - through scheduling to follow up after the body work. His technique and knowledge of anatomy is exceptional. I will for sure see Glenn again, and recommend him for anyone wanting thoughtful body work.

Kazuya I.

I had a backache (both upper and lower) and right leg pain about 4 months ago. After having these issues, I was looking for the people who can address them. I finally found Glenn! He understand anatomy, so he tried different approaches every time I saw him. It looks like my issues are not straightforward, but now these are improved significantly. Pain is significantly less, and flexibility of shoulders are much improved! I think his approach is unique probably due to his experiences and knowledge (not only massage but also anatomy and pain management). I highly recommend him if you do not feel that the current treatment has not improve your body.

Hope W.

I have chronic pain in my shoulders and neck. For years I have gone to different massage therapist to get this worked on, but nothing worked for long or left me in a higher level of pain. Glenn started with hot stone massage, to loosen my muscle up then was a able to find all my problem areas. He was able to identify the problems and using different techniques start fixing them. Some areas he was able to relieve the pain immediately. Even a day later, the pain is still gone and my range on motion is better.
Still have a lot of work to do, but I am confident Glenn can help me through it. Thanks

Ruben C.

I started receiving Glenn's massage services about a year ago, and I continue to be deeply satisfied with his work. From the very first massage I developed respect for his work. Glenn is not only an artful artisan who knows his craft; he is a life-long student who continues to learn, and continues to improve his already solid work. From the onset it became obvious to me that while Glenn was deeply invested in performing the craft to the best of his knowledge, he was at the same time quite gentle and responsive to my special and specific preferences. It was also quite
revealing and satisfactory to me to find out that Glenn masters several massage techniques: organ, deep, massage plus more. Glenn has
exceeded my expectations and he will be my masseuse for life. Thank you, Glenn!

Tiffany l.

Glenn is a true gift to humanity. My body feels more open and pain free than it has in a long long time. He has a toolbox of AMAZING techniques and touch points. Glenn was kind and inquisitive about my experience. He is Super-Strong and patient in working out deep held stress. His Cv19 protocols were impeccable. Glenn has an intricate knowledge of functional body mechanics. Also, as a woman I felt very safe as Glenn held clear boundaries and was so respectful! Such a gift.

Don L.

Glenn provides an excellent and intuitive massage. He is quite skilled, uses various massage techniques and adapts them to meet your personal requests, needs and health situations. I was fortunate to find him for he is very knowledgeable and experienced in rehabilitation healthcare. I have had two sessions with Glenn. I’ve been impressed how quickly he has become familiar with my particular needs/health situation and adapted each session. I look forward to future sessions and would recommend him highly.

Pearl Z.

As a Medical Doctor practicing Functional Medicine, I wish I could send all my patients to Glenn. Sadly, I live in Southern CA. I came up to San Francisco to handle my mom's affairs after she passed away. My sleep had become disrupted. As Glenn put it, my neck felt "like cartilage, instead of soft tissue." The hour of his massage was magical. My chiropractor even said my neck felt great for the first time, and that was a full week after Glenn's massage. Glenn's hot stone massage was deep and effective, though not the painful poking that too many of my "therapeutic" massages have been. Plus Glenn's healing energy is a gift from God, not something that can be taught or learned. Not only did I sleep deeply and peacefully that night, but I felt an extra strength and loving energy to meet the next few days. Don't miss the opportunity to experience Glenn's healing gifts; I would go to him everyday if I could.

Steve S.

Glenn was highly professional. Good communication. We discussed massage needs in detail and he was quick to respond and schedule our time. He showed up early to the appointment to setup and have a talk. Massage was excellent and helped to relieve some persistent pain. He offered a lot of advice for how to reduce body wear in the future. Would definitely schedule again.

Clay M.

Having met with Glenn a few days ago was amazing. Still today I can move parts of my body that before were painful to do. His massage was far beyond what I expected. I will be booking soon again. Thank you Glenn.

Steven A.

Glenn was wonderful to work with at my massage session. He was attentive, paid attention to problem areas on my body, and gave helpful
information to improve posture and movement. I will hire him again without question.

Julio d.

I was under a lot of stress,my shoulder and back were tense, I was depressed with these complaints for almost a year the massage helped me a lot physically and emotionally GLENN is a master of massage

Paula L.

I’ve been to many different massage places and Glenn is most definitely the one!

Deepti G.

Amazing relaxing massage. Must try for sure

Tracey S.

I had an acute shoulder injury and Glenn has been a lifesaver! Each session my shoulder is stronger and more mobile. Glenn is empathetic and kind as a healer.

Marilyn K.

He was absolutely amazing at his job. Explained all my options and then proceeded with my massage. Glenn is a very likable person. Friendly, knowledgeable and just plain a great guy.

Steven F.

Glenn is awesome! Extremely compassionate and empathetic. I can't say enough about his caring nature and professionalism.

Rowena M.

I have received a phenomenal therapeutic massage from Glen and highly recommend him to my colleagues and family members. I thoroughly appreciate his holistic approach on wellness and self care. He is well prepared and his composure is professional while providing security with emotional intelligence towards pain and healing. I felt most comfortable knowing that he is well informed and over the course of my first massage he provided research-based explanations about my daily habits that impact my physical state of being. He navigated the massage in a detailed manner using his hands and voice to guide me through what he assessed. While I also maintain a job in healthcare as a fellow nurse, it was refreshing to have his expertise and genuine passion on caring for others be translated to the quality of his work. We discussed after the session that with being a nurse, we have a natural drive to give, provide, and focus our concerns on the health of others. It is affirming and makes me certain that I know I am making a good choice in going with Glen for massage therapy.

Gloria v.

Great massage/ therapy. Very knowledgeable about body work. My husband has a bad shoulder and the treatment worked wonders!!!

Kristen H.

If you’re looking for a strong, knowledgeable and kind professional for great massage therapy I recommend Glenn. I’m a new client and I’ll be back (or you’ll be back) Thanks Glenn!

Bailey C.

Amazing massage! One of the best massages that I’ve ever had! He used hot stones while giving me massage, always making sure it was the right pressure. I feel SO much better! He got all my knots out, amazing! Highly recommend!

Catalina C.

After experiencing some pain in my shoulder for a while, I was relieved to say the massage given by Glenn was worth it. I instantly felt relieved. It was
a great experience, thanks Glenn.

Ariane M.

Glenn was fantastic. He listened to my every concern, was congenial and intuitive to my needs. He addressed all my issues related to my equestrian injury. I loved that he included so many different modalities. Highly recommend!

Steve K.

Glenn was able to spend time to listen to and understand where my pain and tightness were coming from. He was able develop a plan and educate me on his thoughts and progress . My back felt much better when he was done and had much more flexibility. Glenn is extremely knowledge and wants to help you not only for your current issues but gave me exercises to reduce the likelihood of this happening in the future. He is truly a professional

Ramona w.

Happy! That’s how I feel. Happy to have found Glenn and happy to have received such a top-notch massage. Glenn is very dedicated to his craft, in addition to being highly skilled. I am happy to recommend him and to have him back anytime.

Kristen K.

Glenn is a fantastic massage therapist. He took the time to understand specific pain points and was able to address the issue(s) effortlessly. Due
to his knowledge in the medical field, I felt confident in his ability to assess my pain. Felt immediate and long term improvement. Highly recommend.

Natalie Y.

What can I say except that when I saw Glenn’s reviews and credentials that I KNEW he was the right therapist for our situation. The pain my father was experiencing was to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore. I contacted Glenn on a Saturday night and 3 days later my fathers pain had decreased by 50%! Glenn took the care and time to listen to my fathers history and his everyday life to really give him the relief that has been much needed for YEARS. Don’t hesitate, Glenn’s approach to massage / Reiki, and General overall well being is GREAT.

Felicia F.

When I started the session, I was under a lot of stress for 3 months and it affected my lower back and shoulders which had a burning sensation. I've been trying different types of therapies over many years. Glen incorporated heat and hot stones. It relieved and penetrated the muscles and the bones. After the session the relief from the pain was immediate. I felt also very safe since he had a HEPA filter and face mask with shield. He periodically checked to make sure the pressure and technique was comfortable for me. I appreciate the thoughtful things he included which is above and beyond a normal session, which was appreciated because he is also a registered nurse. Thank you for your help.

Sophie R.

Outstanding massage! I have struggled with back and shoulder pain for months. After my treatment, I felt totally relaxed and had better mobility throughout my whole body. I highly recommend Glenn for his professionalism and work quality!

Whitney P.

Glenn helped me one day post ACL reconstruction. We focused on lymphatic drainage and pain management. The reiki really helped with the pain and allowed me to have a sound nights sleep. I am so appreciative of his work and highly recommend!

Zahra Z.

Great massage, great service!

Fernando R.

Best massage I have gotten, oil was a wonderful and great experience with the hot rock! Thanks again!!

Glenn is a clinically trained,
registered nurse who offers
sincere and professional care.

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